Peyton Manning Net Worth

At present, Peyton Manning Net Worth is estimated to be $ 190 million. The money comes directly from his salary as a former American football quarterback and through endorsements deals. As reported by Forbes, Peyton Manning could earn $400 million from salary, endorsements, bonuses, businesses, and some licensing. However, taxes and expenses bring down the figure to $ 190 million in 2016.

Manning’s earnings on the field amount to $249 million. If we compare the top five players in the league, then Manning comes ta the top. As second to him in terms of earning is his brother Eli with $188 million. The difference in between them exceeds $ 60 million. Next on the list would be Brady with his  total career earnings of $163 million. After him, it would be Philip Rivers and Drew Brees with their income of $ 152 million and $ 150 million respectively. On the other hand, if we take into consideration his total income both on and off the field, then it’s $ 100 million more than any other NFL player.

Peyton Manning net worth

It’s clear that Manning is at the top when its comes to NFL. However, if we consider other sports then again there is a huge difference in between the earnings. During their NBA career, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant both could take home more than $ 300 million through their paychecks. Even baseball’s players like Alex Rodriguez have exceeded Mannings total income by a huge gap. His two contracts were more than Peyton’s total income.

Peyton Manning Net Worth

YearPeyton Manning Net Worth
2016$ 190 million
2015$ 179 million
2014$ 161 million
2013$ 155 million
2012$ 150 million
2011$ 143 million
2010$ 137 million

Peyton Manning net worth in the year 2015 was $ 179 million while his net worth now is estimated to be $ 191 million. In between 2010 and 2016, Peyton Manning net worth increased substantially. 

Note: The net worth is calculated after taking into consideration net income, total income, taxes, and expenses.

In 1998, he signed his first contract after being picked in the NFL draft. Even back then, he could finalize a deal worth $46.3 million. It was a six-year deal, which included a $11.6 million signing bonus. Then in a few years, he got a signing bonus of $11.6 million , after signing a deal worth $99.2 million in 2004.


Peyton Manning Net Worth – Salary & Endorsements

Peyton Manning SalaryYear
$ 17.5 million2014
$ 17.5 million2015
Endorsements Income$ 49 million
Other income$ 30 million

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In 2017, Peyton Manning net worth would exceed $ 220 million. As with current endorsements and other projects, Manning would earn a decent income this year.

Peyton Manning net worth Income


Born on March 24, 1976, Peyton Manning attended Isidore Newman School in Louisiana. He has an older sibling, Cooper, who gave up football due to spinal stenosis. Thereafter, both Manning and his younger brother, Eli, began wearing the number 18 in his honor.

Apart from NFL, Manning also diverts his time for charitable causes. Alongside his NFL career, he started his own charity called ‘the Peyback Foundation’. The foundation looks after underprivileged kids and functions in Tennessee, Louisiana, and Indiana.

Along with his brother Eli, he also volunteered to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He assisted in relief work and also helped in the delivery of safe water and other necessary items for the victims.


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