Richest families in the world

We often visit Forbes or other such websites to check out the latest billionaires. Most of whom are a self-made man or a woman. However at times, you simply get lucky and without much effort or shrewd business move you land up in a filthy rich family. So today we have analyzed all the billionaires clans to find the richest amongst the rich.

Below we have created a list featuring the richest clans in the world.


10 : HEARST FAMILY | Net worth: $33 billion

Richest Clan Hearst
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Born with a silver spoon, William Randolph Hearst’s media empires includes as many as 40 newspapers. It’s their billion dollar empire which ranks the family on 10th position on our countdown. Their chain of newspapers had even let them influence the history of American journalism.

In 1887, Hearst first joined the San Francisco Examiner. The newspaper was back then controlled by his father who overtook it as repayment for a gambling debt. Soon with its unique style of publishing and in-depth analysis the newspaper started dominating San Francisco market within few years. This indeed helped William to level up his business.

The combined fortune of Hearst family is estimated to be $33 billion.




9 : COX FAMILY | Net worth: $35 billion

© Cox Enterprises
© Cox Enterprises

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cox Enterprises, Inc. is an American conglomerate which is privately owned. At present, it is also a leading automotive and communications services company. Founded in 1898 in Ohio, Cox Enterprises, Inc. has 55,000 employees and is owned up to 99% by the Cox family. The ownership indeed makes Cox family one of the richest family in the world.

At present, Anne Cox Chambers along with James Cox Kennedy (pictured) and Blair Parry Okeden actively participates in the management of their enterprise. The company’s major subsidiaries include Cox Automotive, Cox Media Group, and Cox Communications.

In 2014, the company reported a profit of $ 17.1 billion and is expected to perform well in the future.



8 : BERNARD ARNAULT & FAMILY | Net worth: $37.9 billion

Bernard Arnault richest clan
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Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault, simply known as Bernard Arnault is a French business magnate who was born on born 5 March 1949. According to Forbes, Bernard Arnault and family has a massive fortune which is estimated to be $37.9 billion.

With his family owning shares in Christian Dior S.A. and LVMH, Arnault currently serves as the Chairman for both the companies. Even his son Antoine now manages Berluti, serving as the CEO while Delphine, his daughter, is Executive VP at LVMH.

Apart from art’s collection, Arnault has shown a keen interest in yachts. Previously he owned Amadaeus, a 70 m (230 ft) yacht that he sold in 2015. At present, he is the proud owner of another mega yacht, a 101.5 m (333 ft) yacht which he named “Symphony”.




7 : LILIANE BETTENCOURT & FAMILY | Net worth: $43.4 billion

Liliane Bettencourt worth
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Liliane Bettencourt is by far the richest woman in the world. All thanks to her ownership of the majority stocks in L’Oréal. Founded in 1909 by Eugène Schueller, the company is almost 107 years old. Owning 30.5% of the outstanding shares, Liliane Bettencourt and family is surely one of the richest families in the world.

At present Liliane’s grandson Jean-Victor Meyers serves as Board Director.

Previously Bettencourt and family even owned D’Arros Island. It was later sold for a whopping £ 60 million.




6 : CARGILL-MACMILLAN FAMILY | Net worth: $46.7 billion

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Family with the highest number of billionaires, they own up to 90% of Cargill. At present their exact worth is not known as the family has not disclosed it. However according to reliable media outlets, their total fortune is around $ 46.7 billion. This indeed resulted in 14 billionaires from the same clan in the recent count.

In 1865, William Wallace Cargill first started a grain storage business. The business grew rapidly under his guidance. Finally in 1909, after his death, the business was divided amongst his children. As of 2016, Cargill, Inc. is one of the largest privately owned corporation in the world with 153,000 people working for it.



Richest Families – Top 5


5 : MARS FAMILY | Net worth: $81 billion

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© Creative Commons

In 1988, the Mars family got the title of the richest family in the world, after surpassing Walton family. Apart from Victoria B. Mars and Jacqueline Mars, it’s hard to identify any other member of the family as they maintain strict privacy with almost no interviews.

Founded by Franklin Clarence Mars in 1911, the company is now owned fully by his three children. It includes John, Jacqueline and Forrest Jr.

In the previous year, the company sales exceeded US$ 33 billion, making it the 6th largest privately held firm.



4 : KOCH FAMILY | Net worth: $86 billion

© CK Foundation
© CK Foundation

Well if you follow Forbes’s list featuring the richest people in the world, then you must have read about Charles (pictured) and  David. As even in 2016, both the brother are ranked at the 9th position with a massive fortune of $ 43 billion each.

In 1940, Koch Industries was founded by the engineer Fred C. Koch. Since then it has grown into a global giant with subsidiaries in trading, manufacturing and even in investments.

Fred’s other two sons are Bill and Frederick, however, they have their individual ventures. The younger brothers had sold their ownership to the elder brothers Charles and David in 1983.



3 : WALTON FAMILY | Net worth: $124.8 billion

Alice © Creative Commons
Alice | © Creative Commons

Simply, the richest family in America, the Walton Clan includes  Jim ($ 35.2 b), Alice ($ 34 b), Robson ($ 33.5 b), Lukas ($ 10.7 b), Christy($ 5.4 b), Ann ($ 4.8 b) and Nancy ($ 4.2 b). Together they own 52% of the total shares in Walmart.

Founded on July 2, 1962, Wallmart has now 2.2 million employees with a revenue exceeding US$450 billion in 2016. The company also owns Sam’s Club retail warehouses and other subsidiaries.

The company has grown significantly and now has better ways to reduce the selling price. In one report, it was published that if Wallmart opens a new store in a small town, then within 10 years it can wipe out almost half of their retail trade.



2 :  THE HOUSE OF SAUD | Net worth: $1.6 trillion

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© Creative Commons

Founded in 1744 by Muhammad bin Saud, it is currently the ruling royal family. The family consists of thousands of members.  At present, the current king of the country is Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud and his family assets exceeds $ 1 trillion.

The king’s personal net worth is estimated to be $ 18 billion, which also makes him one of the richest royals in the world. He is even regarded as the most influential member of the Royal family.




1 : ROTHSCHILD FAMILY | Net worth: Estimated between $1 billion-$650 trillion

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So finally we have the richest family in the world, the Rothschild family. The magnitude of their exact wealth is still unknown as even Forbes could not investigate much about them. The family owns many other companies privately which makes it hard to analyze their financial data. However, the Rothschild reportedly have a stake in major media houses and also influence critical decisions worldwide.

Till date, the family has extended to many individual with no specific representative. Thus, the assets have been divided among many descendants. The Rothschild empire was built on German banking business.

If we add the individual fortune of all the family members, then we can assume that they are the richest family to have ever lived.