Richest People In The World

Once again Forbes has published its list featuring the richest people in the World. For the 17th time, Bill Gates was again declared as the Richest American as well as the richest person in the world.  As reported, in 2015, there were 1,826 billionaires however this year the number dropped to 1,810. There were 221 individuals who could no longer retain their position while the list also included 198 newcomers. After the careful examination of the total net worth, company’s stock analyses and other factors, it was concluded that 501 individuals have seen a growth in their fortunes while 892 were on the losing side. For Mark Zukerberg it proved to be the best year as he could secure 6th position this year, adding $11.2 billion to his net worth.

Amongst all, Cameron Mackintosh became the most notable newcomer along with Pinterest’s Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann. Then the limelight was also focused on Alexandra Andersen, who became the youngest billionaire at the age of 19. She and her sister Katharina each  received 42 %  stake in their family business


1.Bill Gates :


richest man

Net Worth$ 75 Billion
BornOctober 28, 1955
ResidenceMedina, Washington, U.S.

2. Amancio Ortega

Source : businessweek
Net Worth$ 67 Billion
BornMarch 28, 1936
ResidenceLa Coruña, Spain


3. Warren Buffett :

Warren buffet

Net Worth$ 60.8 Billion
BornAugust 30, 1930
CompanyBerkshire Hathaway


4. Carlos Slim Helu :

Carlos Slim

Net Worth$ 50 Billion
BornJanuary 28, 1940
ResidenceMexico City, Mexico
CompanyGrupo Carso


5. Jeff Bezos

jeff bezos

Net Worth$ 45.2 Billion
BornJanuary 12, 1964


6. Mark Zuckerberg :

Mark Zukerberg

Fortune$ 44.6 Billion
Date of BirthMay 14, 1984
ResidencePalo Alto, California, U.S.


7. Larry Ellison :

Larry Ellison

Fortune$ 43.6 Billion
Date of BirthAugust 17, 1944
ResidenceWoodside, California, U.S


8. Michael Bloomberg :

Michael Bloomberg

Fortune$ 40 Billion
Date of BirthFebruary 14, 1942
CompanyBloomberg L.P


9. Charles Koch :

charles koch

Fortune$ 39.6 Billion
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1935
ResidenceWichita, Kansas, US
CompanyKoch Industries


10. David Koch :


Fortune$ 39.6 Billion
Date of BirthMay 3, 1940
ResidenceManhattan, New York, US
CompanyKoch Industries


The list (Richest People in the world), first appeared on Forbes in March 2016.

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