Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison aka  “Rick the Spotter”,  is an American Pawn shop owner, who manages his business along with his dad and his son. Rick and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison started their business in 1989. However, Rick as been active as a business much before that. As when he was just 13 years old, he decided to drop out of school and pursue a career in business. He first started selling  fake Gucci bags, which indeed brought him $2,000 every week. So after saving some capital he finally thought of doing it big, so he partnered with his dad and opened his first store. Later a show was aired on the History channel, depicting their business. This gave a major boost to the Harrison family net worth.

rick harrison

Rick Harrison net worth

As of now, Rick Harrison manages a business empire of $ 12 million. While Harrison personal net worth is estimated to be $ 7 million. The majority of it comes from Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then additionally he also makes a decent salary from the reality television show “Pawn Stars”.

The show is filmed in Las Vegas, showing the daily activities in the shop. It was first aired in 2009 and is still a high rated Tv show. Over the years, the show has received a huge fan following even making the Harrison family quite popular amongst the masses.

pawn stars cast harrision

After its commercial success, there were many spinoffs series. It includes American Restoration, Counting Cars, Pawnography, and Pawn Stars Australia.

By 2005, the Harrison family was already loaning more than $ 3 million annually. The interest generated exceeded $ 700k. As of 2016, it’s expected that the business has now more than tripled and thus both Rick Harrison and Richard Benjamin Harrison are getting a decent return.

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