Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Creator of the animated series Wild Grinders, Rob Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, producer, entrepreneur, actor, and a reality TV star. Being proficient in the game, “FoxWeekly” labeled him as one of the ‘Most influential skateboarders of all-time’ in 2014. At present, Rob Dyrdek net worth is estimated to be $54 million while in the previous year, his net worth was $ 50 million.

The majority of his net worth comes from his career as a professional basketball player, while the rest comes from his acting career and business ventures. He is a successful sportsperson and is also a savvy young entrepreneur who could build his own multi-million dollar empire. As Dyrdek could influence corporate giants to sponsor him and thereafter also design and sell his own trademark shoes. Overall it was his right business sense, which could bring in more than $ 50 million, till date.



Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

YearRob Dyrdek Net Worth
2015$ 50 million
2016$ 54 million
2017 (Expected net worth)$ 57.3 million

His fortune in 2017 depends on a specific income and earning from endorsements.


Rob Dyrdek Income – Financial Data


SourceMoney received / Income
House sold in Hollywood Hills (2013)$1,175,000
House sold in LA (2012)$2,600,000
Sales and endorsements (2009)$75,000,000
Fantasy Factory salary (Each episode)$140,000


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rob-dyrdek-net-worth-incomeBorn on June 28, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio, Rob is the son of Gene and Patty Dyrdek. He received his first skateboard from the professional skateboarder Neil Blender at a very young age. Since then he became interested in skateboarding. In one of his interviews, he even stated “I was a pretty driven young man. I was so focused on becoming a pro skateboarder. I would sit in school and think about all the tricks I was going to do, then I’d get out of school and skate until they made me come inside.”

However, it’s clear that Rob could build his empire not only through skateboarding, rather it was his business ventures, which helped him in doing so.


Dyrdek has a lot to catch up if he wants to compete with Hawks. As Tony Hawks’s fortune is estimated to be of $140 million.