Roman Atwood Net Worth

Roman Atwood Net Worth: Earlier to make millions, it was said that first, you need to solve a million dollar problem, then develop an idea and finally market it. However lately there is a new trend as if you can entertain millions, then simply open a Youtube account and if lucky you may be next on our list. Well, it’s no lie as every now and then we have reported the insane net worth of Youtube millionaires including KSIJimmy Tatro and others. As of now, Atwood has become so famous that fans are even searching his contact number, his house number, and other personal details. So today we reached out to all the available sources to dig a bit deeper about Roman Atwood aka “Natural Born Pranksters”.

As of Jan 2017, Atwood maintains two channels on Youtube. The first on being “RomanAtwood” with 10,277,010 subscribers and the second one is “RomanAtwoodVlogs ” with 11,008,445 subscribers. Lately, the comedian also shared a pic on his Instagram account, thanking all his awesome fans.

Roman Atwood net worth

Estimated income from both his channels is given below:

Atwood Income

Note: This is the maximum income estimates, which excludes taxes, regular expenses and agent’s commission etc.


Apart from the income from his channels, Roman even made a decent figure through other projects which include “Roman Atwood vs FouseyTube Tour” and “Natural Born Pranksters (2016)”.


Roman Atwood net worth – Where he began?

YearRoman Atwood net worth
2017$ 5 million
2016$ 4 million
2015$ 3.5 million
2014$ 2.9 million


Roman AtwoodAt present, Roman Atwood net worth is estimated to be $ 5 million. And in 2017, it is expected that his fortune would rise sharply, which is directly related to his increasing popularity. So now the question arises that where it started? After all, prior to 2012 one hardly knew about this millionaire comedian.

Born May 28, 1983, to Susan Atwood and Curt Dale Atwood, Roman began his professional career in 2009. It might come as a surprise for some fans but Roman and brother, Dale Atwood had a troubled childhood due to poor financial conditions. So prior to his Youtube career, he had already started working films and other projects. He even worked at “Atwood Rope”, which was his family’s rope factory. However soon he tried his luck on youtube, which indeed worked well for him.

For the Plastic Ball Prank  Atwood even got a  2015 Nissan GTR, as  Nissan wanted to use his video in the “WithDad” campaign. Cool, isn’t it?

Personal Life:

Years Active2009–present
Former SpouseShanna Riley
GirlfriendBrittney Smith
Children2 (Kane Alexander and Noah Vaughn)
Age34 years


A couple of unverified reports suggest that Atwood’s son may not be having a good time these days. The website (RichestClan) does not claim anything, still, you can watch the video below to get a better picture.