Samuel Soba, Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka, The Great Confusion Ends Here

This world is a weird place and you know what’s weirder? Well, it’s the internet. As every now and then you would find random information on famous personalities mostly conflicting each other. The same goes for a mysterious man, Samuel Soba. As by now, you must have read a couple of articles describing his biography, his height, and even his net worth. However, if you dig deeply, then most of the content is just a case of copy and paste. We tried to access information regarding the man on various authentic portals however we hardly found anything. So now the question arises that Who is Samuel Soba for God’s sake?

Well, first thing first, Keri Hilson is often spotted with a man who is described as Samuel Soba. However, she has never confirmed or denied any news regarding him. So any information you find regarding her marriage or divorce is unverified. However, if we go by the claims, then the couple has been together since 2002. It was the same year when they were married. From their marriage, they even have a son, Jayden. Really?


Samuel Soba or Serge Ibaka, my head hurts:

The main controversy arose when it was reported that now she was dating NBA player Serge Ibaka.  But how could it be possible that blogs claim that she is happily married to Samuel Soba with no affairs? However parallel reports suggest that she is dating Serge Ibaka.

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It gets more confusing when most of the sites claim that the person in the image above is Samuel Soba. However other sites claim that his name is Serge Ibaka. On further investigation, we found that this has happened on almost all the pictures showing the couple together. Even the one given below goes through the same issue.


But on comparing closely we do find some similarities in between the pictures. As this one is available on Ibaka’s Wikipedia page. So whether it’s about the singer cheating her present husband for a basketball player or about their alleged divorce, most of the made up info is available only on the unauthentic sources. You may even roll onto wiki pages which shed no light on the rumors.

The only conclusion, for now, that seems pretty genuine is that Soba is just a rumored personality. The real guy in Hilson’s life is Ibaka.

(Image from Wiki Page)



The final Twist

After getting so much information why not finally include an article that appeared on “bossip“. As according to the website, the couple has now separated. It states that the singer had sadly thought him to be the one, however, he wasn’t. Anyways we wish her all the best. May she finally find the love of her life with little rumors this time.


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