Sean Whitley aka Farmtruck

Best known for the Tv show Street Outlaws, Sean Whitley is an American Tv personality who came to limelight after 2013. As it was the same year when the show “Street Outlaws” was first aired, and even now the show is doing great with its seventh season. While appearing on the show, Whitley has successfully built up his own little fortune. As at present, Sean Whitley net worth is estimated to be $ 850,000.

The main theme of the show is based on old cars that are modified and customized to match the capabilities of the racing cars. Then the viewers experience the street racing in a competing and harsh environment. Which indeed adds up the overall enthusiasm.

sean WhitleyOne of the most famous star on the show is Sean Whitley, who drives a C-10 Chevy Pickup Truck. At first, the viewers may see an old machine from the 1970s, however, once it gains speed, then the whole scenario changes. As it gets its power from a Custom Built 8-Cylinder Big Block Engine. Then additionally there is 2 Stage Nitrous Express Kit from Nitrous express and Nitrous Farm. To support Sean, his partner AZN is almost always there.

Since it was first aired, the show has gained immense popularity which has also resulted in the popularity of the cast.




Sean Whitley net worth

Sean Whitley net worth (2016) – $ 850,000.

In 2017, Sean Whitley net worth is likely to increase by $ 100k.


Note: It is the estimated net worth as the data is collected from reliable websites and other sources. However, it may slightly vary depending on the new salary structure, endorsement deals or uncalculated expences.