Steve Jobs net worth – Could he be richer than Bill Gates ?

It has been many years since Steve jobs passed away, however, his legacy, his fame, his net worth, and his work is still not forgotten. And believe us even in the coming years, Steve jobs and search about him won’t fade away. After all, it is really really unusual for the whole world to come forward and show their grief for the death of a businessman. Even Hollywood celebrities at times fail to have such an impact on people but for Jobs, the whole scenario was different. He may be considered as an arrogant, ruthless and mean businessman by some, but still, what he contributed to the society cannot be overseen.

Through his visionary ideas, Jobs could not only save Apple when it was almost out of business, rather the company became one of the biggest Tech Giant of the 21st century. During those troubling days in 1997, Michael Dell (CEO of Dell) had infamously said “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders”. However, Jobs still somehow managed to change the whole game and Dell changed his views on the statement.

So below you can find answers questions like, How Apple became what it is today, Why Steve Jobs was not as rich as Bill Gates, What as Steve Job’s net worth, and also, where are the other founding members?

apple and Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs net worth – How it began

Back in 2011, Steve Jobs’ net worth was estimated to be $10.2 billion. While in 2015, his estate is worth somewhere near $ 19 billion . If we go back in time, then one thing is clear that Jobs was the first tech millionaire by the time he turned 23. When he was 24 years old, his net worth increased to $ 10 million and then just after one year, he had a fortune exceeding $ 250 million. Amazing isn’t it?


Steve JobsSteven Paul Jobs, now known as Steve Jobs was  American inventor and information technology entrepreneur, who was born on February 24, 1955. Son of Abdulfattah “John” Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble, Jobs grew up in Mountain View, California. Immediately after his birth, Steve was adopted by  Paul and Clara Jobs.

Though Paul and Clara were themselves not graduated but still they promised Steve’s biological mother that he would have a proper degree. They also made it sure, that Steve gets all the resources which would be crucial for his overall development.

During his school years, Jobs was seen by his friends as a “loner”. The reason behind it was that Jobs could easily make friends who were older than him but he could not relate to the children of his own age. Then even during classes, he was not much interested in formal studies, until he met his fourth-grade teacher, Imogene ‘Teddy’ Hill. As she promised jobs five bucks if he could finish his workbook. This made Jobs interested in his workbook and also inculcated a habit to learn new things.

Years after that, he enrolled at Reed College, which was way too expensive for  Paul and Clara. Soon after that Jobs realized that it was putting a lot of pressure on his parents, who were not rich enough to support his education. So he dropped out.

Over the subsequent years, Jobs started working on the first Apple computer. The first three partner were Jobs himself, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. However, just after a short period of time, Wayne left the company. He sold his share for a meager amount not exceeding $2,300. Now had he kept his share in the company, Ronald Wayne would be whooping $25 billion.


Steve Jobs net worth – Comparision to Bill Gates


People normally compare the companies and then they tend to compare the worth of the stakeholders. Well in one way it’s natural to first check the market capital of an organization and then assume how rich the founder may be. However, with Apple the scenario is different. As though the company may boast of a market capital exceeding $ 600 billion (2016). Yeah, we added a billion after 600. Now comparing it with that of Microsoft, the company is worth $150 billion more in the eyes of the investors. As the market cap of Microsoft is $ 449 billion (2016). Still now when we compare the net worth of both Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, then a wide gap can be seen. As on one hand, Bill Gates net worth was $ 56 billion (Forbes 2011)  while on the other hand, Steve Jobs net worth was just $ 10 billion. On the top of that, Jobs’ net worth came primarily from Disney, after the sale of his company Pixel. So the question comes to mind, that what exactly happened?

Well, it was due to less number of shares that Steve Jobs net worth was not as high as his competitors. When he founded the company, he owned 26% stake. Being young and reckless he sold most of it. Then before leaving the company he still had 11% stake in 1985.

Now in regards to company’s valuation, 11% would mean $ 56 billion while 26% would be a staggering $ 127 billion. Now that would have been a hell lot of money.

Then apart from that he had initially invested $ 10 million in Pixar only to sell it years later for a mind-boggling $7.4 billion.



Net Worth of all three founders

So by now you know the net worth of the legendary businessman Steve Jobs. But hey wait there were two other founders, so what is their net worth?

Along with Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded the company. However, at present, Steve Wozniak net worth is US $100 million whereas Wayne is living in a mobile home in Nevada, selling stamps to earn a living. Wayne’s net worth is still not known. Different sources claim it to be in between $ 50k to $ 300k.

So overall we can conclude that to be rich or even be successful there are a lot of factors included. Luck, IQ, and timing are just a few to name.


What all Jobs actually owned?

Being one of the richest persons in the world, Steve Jobs net worth was really high. So to match his insane net worth, he did own a couple of interesting assets. Some of them are given below.



In 1990’s he bought this house in Palo Alto. The house may not appear to a very high-end Mansion of a Tech mogul. However, it was in a peaceful neighborhood just the way Jobs liked.

steve jobs house

Steve Jobs Private jets (1)

Jobs himself never bought a Private Jet, though he was gifted one. As in 2000, after he became the CEO of the company, he was gifted a Gulfstream V Jet by the board of directors.

The Jet’s worth at that time was $ 40 million.

Jobs Private Jet

Steve Jobs Yachts (1)

Designed by Philippe Starck’s design company Ubik, Venus is a super yacht. Costing more than $ 100 million, the yacht was unveiled a year later, after Jobs died.

steve jobs yacht venus

Steve Jobs Cars

Jobs owned one Mercedes SL55 AMG. He loved the car and above all, he loved a car without a number plate. So he carefully leased a new silver Mercedes SL55 AMG  after every six months to avoid a plate.

Maybe he even loved messing up with the law.

mercedes sl55 amg