Terrence Howard net worth – Is he flat broke?

As reported, Terrence Howard net worth is estimated to be $ 5 million. He is an American singer, rapper, and actor, who was born on 11th march 1969 in Chicago, Illinois.

Lately, Howard was in the news due to his divorce with his wife, Michelle Ghent. He also revealed that his ex-wife could possible release some private information if the settlement was not done in accordance to her. Ghent demanded $500,000 spousal support as she came to know that Howard was earning $125,000 for each episode. The actor appealed in court that his 2012 settlement was done under extreme duress and that he wanted it to be changed. As since 2012, he was paying  $5,800 as spousal support.

In his defense, Howard’s lawyer has even claimed that the actor is not making anywhere between $ 125,000 for each episode and thus it’s hard for him to pay for the desired spousal support. He also stated that lately, the revenue sources have declined and thus he has been struggling financially.

Income from some of the projects is given below:

Movie/TVTerrence Howard Salary
Winnie (2011)$1,000,000
Fighting (2009)$1,750,000
Idlewild (2006)$40,000
Hustle & Flow (2005)$12,000


Terrence Howard net worth

Terrence Howard net worth income

Online reports suggest that his actual net worth is between $ 5 million to $ 30 million. However, on many news sources, his financial struggle regarding divorce settlement and other debts suggest that not everything is going fine for the actor. He is in the middle of some serious financial trouble.

The actor has been married four times to three women. At present, he lives in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania and has five children and two grandchildren.