Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman net worth: It all started in the 1980’s when Todd’s father Jack ventured into the mining business in order to support his family. At that point of time, Todd completed his college education and thereafter went into the aviation business. However, after years of work, Todd realized that the aviation business was declining due to market crash (2008) and new government policies. So he soon risked everything and along with some unemployed friends started his mining business.

The show “Gold Rush” revolves around their mining business and was first aired on the Discovery Channel in 2010. After it was first aired on TV, “Gold Rush” became an instant hit with a decent viewership. In 2015, it’s sixth season began and now in 2016, it’s expected that soon a new season would roll out. However, the exact location details are yet not publically available.

Amongst males in between 18 to 49 and 25 to 54, Gold Rush became the most watched Friday night program in the first season. Thereafter for next 13 weeks, it could retain very high viewership. It even helped Todd Hoffman in getting a good fan following and create his own fortune.

Season 7 will premier on October 14, 2016

Todd Hoffman net worth – $ 1 million




  • Father: Jack Hoffman
  • Wife:Shauna Hoffman
  • Children: Hunter, Hudson
  • Birthplace: Sandy, Oregon
  • Todd Hoffman Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Background: Aviation Business

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At present, Todd’s success may look pretty amazing and simple however things were not always in his favor. As after investing almost all his income on a mining operation in Guyana, South America, some people had illegally poached all the gold from the mine he had leased. It led to a situation where Hoffman’s crew returned back empty handed. However, with a strong belief in God, Todd once again managed to bring 1349oz of gold in the next season. As of now, he is planning another big bet with bigger goals.