Tom Franco Biography – The Third Franco Brother

When we hear the surname, Franco, then mostly it’s Dave or James that comes to our mind. However, there is one more Franco brother, who is less famous but equally talented, yup he is Tom Franco. Born on April 14, 1980, Tom is the son of Betsy Lou and  Douglas Eugene “Doug” Franco. He along with his brothers was raised in Palo Alto, California. His family upbringing was “academic, liberal, and largely secular.”

Apart from being an actor, Tom Franco is also the founder of the Firehouse Art Collective, which is located in Berkeley, California. He began his professional career in 1990 when he appeared in the movie “Basket Case 2”. Later he even worked in movies including “Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)” and “The Disaster Artist (2017)”.


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In 2017, his net worth is estimated to be $ 1 million.

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What happened to Tom Franco’s Girlfriend?

Tom met Julia Lazar Franco (1957–2014), at work. They shared common projects and while working together, they had fallen in love. Like a usual couple, they had future plans however destiny had something different. As Julia was diagnosed with liver cancer, due to which she lost her life. The couple still tied the knot, just one month prior to her untimely death. The ceremony took place at the hospital itself as it was difficult for them to make it to the church.

At present, it seems like Franco is single. His efforts to make his girlfriend happy clearly shows the bond which the couple shared. So maybe it was very hard for him to cope up with the unforgettable loss. But as the saying goes that “no matter what life goes on”. So we can only wish that Tom finds someone with whom he can again share the joys of life.

In personal life, Tom Franco is a fun loving happy person. In one interview, Dave shared his views about his elder brother. He said “For people who have met all three of us, Tom Franco is the unanimous favorite Franco. He’s the best one—the best-looking, the sweetest, the nicest, greatest guy to be around.”