Top 10 Richest Actors

” Cause we all just wanna be big rock-stars,

And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars “

– NickeBlack


Well, they may not be big Rock-stars, but still they surely are Superstars mostly living in Hilltop houses and driving 15 cars. Some of these megastars have accumulated such a wealth over the subsequent years through their acting and also by opting in various business ventures. Today we have selected the top 10 richest actors worldwide. We have included the actors depending on their Fortune as shown on Forbes and other reliable sources.

We hope you enjoy our list.


Top 10 Richest Actors in the World


1. Jerry Seinfeld : With a whopping Net Worth of $ 873 million, Jerry Seinfeld is the richest celebrity so far. Starting his career in 1976 he has appeared in a number of successful movies and Tv series. In 2015 alone the actor made additional $ 36 million. Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth


2. Shahrukh Khan : SRK aka Shahrukh Khan is the only Bollywood actor on our list. He is not only an actor but also works as a businessman with a stake in production companies like Red Chillies entertainment and also in IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders.

As of today, his Net Worth is US $600 million.

SRK Richest Actor


3. Tom Cruise : Born on July 3, 1962 , Tom Cruise is a 53 year old Hollywood star  who works as an actor and also a producer. In 2016 his Net Worth is estimated to be $ 480 million. 

As reported the actor could bag $ 40 million the previous year and thus is one of the highest paid actors as well.

Very rich


4. Mel Gibson : With movies like “We were Soldiers” and  “The Passion of the Christ“, Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson has a staggering Net Worth of $ 426 Million.  

His looks may be one of the reasons why he has such a huge female fan following but even when it comes to acting, its hard to beat him.mel gibson



5. Johnny Depp : Coming into limelight with 80s Tv series , Jump Street 21, Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow started working from a young age of 16. First he worked in a couple of local bands, from where he switched to Tv series and finally opted for Movies.

Working as a producer, actor and also a screenwriter, his fortune is estimated to be $410 million. johnny Earning



6. Jack Nicholson : Nominated in 12 Academy Award, till date he has appeared in 64 movies. At present, he is living in the Hollywood Hills, California with his family.

Jack Nicholson is not only known for his intense acting but also for his high fortune which is $ 402 million.Jack is rich



7. Tom Hanks : Almost everyone is in love with this American actor, well we are not just assuming it rather his bank balance is proving it. With many awards to his name Tom Hanks now has a Net Worth of $394 million.

The actor is well known for his role in movies like Big, Splash, Philadelphia, Forrest-Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13 and You’ve Got Mail.Tom hanks



8. Bill Cosby : Born July 12, 1937, William Henry “Bill”Cosby, Jr has a massive Fortune of $350 million.

Still at the age of age 78, he is an active musician, author, comedian, actor and television producer.Bill



9. Jackie Chan : Known for his iconic roles in movies like The Legend of Drunken Master (1994), Police Story (1985) and Dragons Forever (1988), Jackie Chan is a down to earth fun loving superstar.

When it comes to earning, he came second on the list of highest paid Hollywood actors. Well after all who could overthrow Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man. Still after bagging $ 50 million his Net Worth now stands at $ 350 million.

Jackie Chan


10 Adam Sandler : Even he could make up to Forbes list but altogether in a different category. As Adama Sandler topped their list of highest overpaid actors.

He gained much popularity after appearing in Saturday Nights Live and as of now has a Net Worth of $ 300 million.adam sandler Richest actor