Top 6 highest paid Youtubers

Its an honor to be featured on Forbes and the honor is multiplied several times if your are in your 20’s and then make your way to their elite list. Earlier many thought that YouTube is a favorite site to pass time watching funny cat videos and a couple of music channels. However lately the scenario has changed as Youtube has turned into a big multi billion dollar company and some of its stars have become multi millionaires. Well today we have selected some YouTube stars who not only have millions of subscribers but have also encashed them into millions of dollars.


Top 6 highest paid Youtubers


1. Felix Kjellberg


Subscribers : 40 million

Channel: PewDiePie

Earning : $12 Million a Year

Channel About : PewDiePie is a 25 years old youtuber who plays video games and make funny commentary along with it. Well back then my parents never encouraged me to play  video games as there was no money it it. I wish they did.

2. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla


smosh net worth

Subscribers : 21 million

Channel: Smosh

Earning : $8.6 Million a Year




About : Anthony Padilla along with Andrew Hecox started Smosh on Youtube in 2005. Its an American web-based sketch comedy show. The show originally started on Newground with Padilla posting regular flash animations and today its quite popular amongst the fans.


3. Benny and Rafi Fine


Subscribers : 13 million

Channel : Fine Brothers Entertainment

Earning : $8.6 Million a Year

Channel AboutRafi Fine and Benny Fine are active since 2004. The Fine Brothers work as directors, writers and producers. In the year 2014 they started a new channel on Youtube. The main theme was “reaction” on different kinds of stuff present on the website.  It even included “Lyric Breakdown” and “Gaming”.

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4. Lindsey Stirling


Lindsey youtube

Subscribers : 7 million

Channel : Lindsey Stirling

Earning : $6.1 Million a Year





Channel About : Not just a  violinist, Lindsey Stirling  is also an American Artist, Singer, Performer and dancer. She rose to fame from her YouTube channel which was founded in 2007. On her channel the subscribers get all her live  choreographed violin performances and also her music videos including the same.


5. Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III


Subscribers : 3 million

Channel : Rhett & Link

Earning : $4.6 Million a Year

About : The duo consisting of Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III and Rhett James McLaughlin runs a number of channel on YouTube, including a famous talk show Good Mythical Morning and Rhett & Link . The total number of views on their main channel exceeds 566 million. They have been creating content on YouTube since 2006.

After graduation both Rhett and Link were working as engineers however soon they left their job and took Video creation as their main career. Well we can bet that they are now making way more than average engineer and above that what can be better than doing the work that you love.


6. Olajide Olatunji

KSI Youtube

Subscribers : 10 million

Channel : KSI

Earning : $ 4.5 Million a Year




Channel About : Born on 19 June 1993, KSI is an iconic YouTube personality, an actor, comedian and a rapper. He started his main channel in 2009 with a first clip about FiFa video game. Even today he mainly focuses On Fifa though he also plays Grand Theft Auto Va and other.