Know About Truman Theodore Hanks

If you are a Hollywood celeb, then fans become interested in each and everything related to your life. No matter it’s about the car you drive, the house you live in, your spouse or children. The same goes for Tom Hanks, as people wants to know more and more about the veteran actor and even about his personal life. This even includes his son “Truman Theodore Hanks”, who mostly stays away from the public eye. If we go by the reports, then the last time, he allowed people to peek into his personal life, it was through Reddit. Wherein he posted a Reddit AMA“I am the youngest child of Tom Hanks. Would anyone be interested in an AMA?” For those who are unfamiliar with the term, AMA is the short form of “Ask Me Anything”.

Mini Bio:

The AMA was unplanned with numerous questions being bombarded from different users. However, Truman Theodore Hanks tried to reply to all the genuine entries, often disclosing a bit about his personal life too.

It became really interested when one user asked what “Chet was like as a brother?”. Truman replied that though he gets beaten up at times but he loves his brother. Things got funny when Chet Haze suddenly posted “Love you bro”. Soon after that, the users started reviewing the handle which led to Chet’s account and it even revealed some of his older entries. Most of them were on subreddit “gonewild”, which was embarrassing. Seeing the reaction, Chet quickly visited “AskReddit” where he sought advice to hide the older posts. However, that was too late to act on and Reddit anyways doesn’t have such a feature.


Truman Theodore Hanks Mini Bio:

Son of Tom Hanks and his second wife, Rita Wilson, Truman Theodore was born in 1995. He has a sibling “Chet Hanks“, one stepbrother “Colin Hanks” and one step sister “Elizabeth Hanks”. Both, Colin and Elizabeth were born from Hanks first marriage with American actress Samantha Lewes.

Amongst all the children, Truman is the youngest. Thus he is dominated but also loved. He is not active on the social networking sites, though one Instagram is often linked to him. The account has over 500 followers but it’s unclear that who is the exact owner. It clearly shows that though his father may be rich with a jaw-dropping fortune still Truman hardly flaunt his wealth on social media.

It has also been reported, that the young guy is interested in sports, especially, in Ice hockey. He was last seen enjoying the game with his dad, Tom Hanks. The duo were spotted cheering for the team, Los Angeles Kings.