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Luck and destiny are the two most mysterious aspects of human life, which are quite unpredictable. The same goes for Vanna White and her show ” Wheel of Fortune” After all, in 1980 when on one hand she could not even make it to the stage as a contestant, just two years later, in 1982 she became a regular hostess. Since then both the game show and the actress gained immense popularity often being related to each other. With the rise in fame, even her fortune increased immensely, result in a decent net worth and overall salary.

Vanna White Rise to Fame:

Daughter of Miguel Angel and Joan Marie Rosich, Vanna White was born on February 18, 1957, in Conway, South Carolina. Afte her biological father left the family, her mother married Herbert White, a real estate agent. Close to her step dad, Vanna adopted his surname, as she had previously dropped “Angel” from her surname.

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Due to her good looks and attractive personality, she made up her mind to pursue acting from a young age. At first, she was selected as one of the three substitutes, when the original hostess, Susan Stafford left the show “Wheel of Fortune”. However, she became regular on the show, after her unique style of hosting was appreciated both by the audience and the producers.

Apart from that she also did a couple of guest appearances and cameo roles in other TV shows.

In 1993 she was involved in litigation. After a Tv commercial by Samsung, she filed a case against the corporation. As in the ad, a robot was shown turning letters on a game show. The parody based ad led to a legal battle which resulted in $403,000 in compensation to White.


In the 1980s, she dated the actor, John Gibson. However after his untimely death in a plane crash, Vanna was heartbroken. After recovering from her loss, she married George Santo Pietro, a restaurant owner.The couple tied the knot in in December 1990. Their son, Nicholas was born in 1994 while their daughter, Giovanna (Gigi), was born in 1997. The couple later separated in 2002.

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Vanna White Salary:

Vanna White Salary along with Pat Sajak’s salary is always a topic of discussion. If we go by the figure, she is just a little behind Pat Sajak, as she earns $ 8 million annually, hosting the show ” Wheel of Fortune”. However, the net worth of both the tv personalities is almost same.

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Vanna White Net Worth:

Vana White’s net worth as of 2017 is estimated to be $45 million, all thanks to her successful showbiz career.