Vince McMahon Net Worth

If you love WWE, which most likely you do, then there is no need to introduce Vince Mcmahon. For the rest, he is the CEO of WWE, a retired professional wrestler, a commentator,  an actor and a film producer . Born on August 24, 1945, Vincent KennedyVinceMcMahon has a whopping Net Worth of $800 Million

He is a dynamic personality and thus even at the age of 70 he is quite fit an active with his day to day activities.  His enthusiasm in his work may be one of the key reason behind his success. After all he spent his early days in a trailer park, then joined his father’s small business and finally turned it into an international phenomenon. Despite his rough childhood McMahon never gave up on his dreams. As reported by McMahon himself, Leo Lupton (one of his step-fathers) used to be violent with his mother and also with him.


Vince McMahon Net Worth $800 Million

In April 2014, after the launch of their online streaming service, McMahon enjoyed a little fame of being a billionaire. The stock price rose to $28 per share. However soon with the disappointing Quarterly results, he again slipped back to his fame of being a Multi Millionaire.

Vince McMahon
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Some of his Nicknames:

  • “The Boss”
  • “Vinnie Mac”
  • “The Chairman”
  • “The Higher Power”
  • “The Genetic Jackhammer”


His Personal Life :

On August 26, 1966 McMahon married Linda in New Bern North Carolina. The couple had  met in a local church when he was 16 and Linda was just 13 years old. Together they have two children.

Both his children, Shane and Stephanie were active in his business. However Shane (his son) left the company in 2010.

The family tree further extends to his grand children. Shane has three sons and Stephanie has three daughters.


McMahon  House – Assets  :

When it comments to assets, in Greenwich, Connecticut, McMahon owns a $40 million mansion. In Manhattan, he has a $12 million penthouse. The retired wrestler also owns a 47-foot sports yacht and a $20 million vacation house. Well if you have all the moolah then where else can you invest it ?


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World Wrestling Federation prior to WWE

With a humble start, at first McMahon started signing some young wrestlers . The next step he took was to buy almost all the competition so that all could come under one conglomerate. He along with his wife Linda earlier established Titansports which eventually became the parent company.

As there was always a fixed outcome , WWF was never considered a legitimate sports but still due to the setup , wrestlers, and good story line fans never cared about it and thus even today its quite a popular sports.