Will Smith Net Worth

Willard Christopher “Will” Smith Jr is an American rapper, actor and film producer whose Net Worth is estimated to be $ 220 Million .

This multi-talented actor became a multi-millionaire before turning 20 as he started his career early in life. As of today, he has become an A-list Hollywood actor with a dynamic personality and excellent screen persona. His success can be attributed to his insane work ethics about which he even discussed in numerous interviews.


Will Smith Net Worth : $ 220 Million

 Year Will Smith Net Worth
 2016 $ 220 million
 2015 $ 195 million
 2014 $ 189 million
 2013 $ 170 million
 2012 $ 161 million
 2011 $ 153 million
 2010 Na

Note: The net worth is calculated after analyzing the net Income. Usually, the income detail provided is the pre-taxed income without deducting expenses.

Will Smith Net Worth – Income from movies

MovieWill Smith Salary
Ali (2001)$20,245,000
MIB 2 (2002)$ 20 million
Bad Boys II (2003)$20 million
I, Robot (2004)$28 million
MIB 3 (2012)$ 20 million
Suicide Squad (2016)$ 30 million

As of now, it’s usual for Will Smith to take home a salary exceeding $ 20 million fro each new project. Thus, Will Smith net worth has skyrocketed.


Will Smith on Talent, Skill and Success (Interview via YouTube)


Will Smith Net worth Comparision:

  • Will Smith net worth – $ 220 million
  • Eddie Murphy – $ 85 million
  • Chris Rock – $ 70 million
  • Arsenio Hall –  $ 5 million


On comparing the net worth, it’s clear that Will comes as a clear cut winner out here. As Will Smith net worth is $ 220 million while Eddie who comes second on the list has a fortune of $ 85 million. Rock comes third, lagging behind Eddie with just $ 5 million.


Early Life : 

Born in West Philadelphia, on September 25, 1968, Will Smith spent his childhood in Wynnefield neighborhood, where he was raised in a  Baptist family. His father, Willard Carroll Smith was a refrigeration engineer while his mother,Caroline (Bright) was a school administrator.

His parents enrolled young smith in Our Lady of Lourdes, a private school in the neighborhood. Later on, he attended  Overbrook High School. After school life, Smith decided not to enroll in any college as he wanted to pursue his career in Rap.  Due to his mother’s connection, he could have easily joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) however he never wanted to settle for a normal average life, so he started his journey as a rapper and a producer.


Will Smith Net Worth $ 220 Million
BornSeptember 25, 1968 (age 47)
Spouse(s)Jada Koren Pinkett (m. 1997)
ChildrenJaden,  Trey and Willow


Then finally Smith got his major breakthrough action film Bad Boys (1995) which got him new recognition and established him as a good actor.


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Will Smith cars collection includes : 

  • Cadillac Escalade 
  • 1965 Ford Mustang
  • Mercedes-Benz GL450


Will Smith Fun Facts :


1 :  He is also known as “Mr July” and  “Fresh Prince”.Will Smith net worth Salary

2 : His catchphrase in almost all his movies is “Aw, hell no!”

3 : Apart from being a successful Movie star, he also won a Grammy Award for his song “Summertime”.

4 : He has appeared on the List of “50 Most Beautiful People” by People Magazine in the year 1998.

5 : His private elementary school,  New Village Leadership Academy (NVLA), was shut down due to an alleged connection with Scientology.

6 : It was reported that he was the first choice for the role of Neo in the Blockbuster movie  “The Matrix”. However, he worked on another project, “Wild Wild West” which indeed was a huge flop.

7 : In 1989, he owed $2.8 million in the form of taxes and unpaid expenses.