You Won’t Believe How These Celebrities Spend Their Hard Earned Cash!

Two types of situations can be very confusing. The first one, when you have so limited money that you have to decide twice which thing to buy and the second when you have an insane amount which makes you wonder what not to buy. Both are confusing but only the latter seems appealing when the excess amount just brings everything under your radar and now it’s just the time that matters not the money.

Well, most of the celebs are troubled by the second situation, they have a hard time deciding. However, today let’s focus on some of the most outlandish, spendings, which can even make the rich guys nervous. Here are some celebs who can’t control their spending.

# Nicholas Cage

During the peak of his career, Cage started, making around $ 20 million per movie, which led to a whopping net worth of $ 150 million. However, the megastar was quick at both earning and spending the money. As he could somehow blow $ 150 within a very short duration. As reported, the actor bought a Tarbosaurus skull valued at over $300,000, while he even bought a 40-acre, $7 million islands south of Nassau. Other items in his personal collection included a $450,000 Lamborghini Miura SVJ, a $1 million Ferrari Enzo, a yacht and shrunken pygmy heads.


# Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may not be the richest singer, however, she surely is one of the most popular divas with a net worth of $ 100 million. It’s not just music from which she makes her stacks, rather Hilton also owns a couple of businesses which include her fragrance collection and other ventures. She reportedly spent $ 325k on a custom dog house. Well, even if we include the features, like air conditioning, small black chandelier, and designer furniture, still the price is way too much for even a dog lover.


# Akon

Akon is known more for his music and cars however the veteran singer also made headlines when he bought a diamond mine in South Africa. When rich people are satisfied with or two or multiple diamonds, he went an extra mile purchased the whole mine. However, it also triggered some fans, who could relate it to the movie blood diamond. The singer had a hard time convincing the fans.

Akon net worth

# Elton John

The “Rocket Man” has a net worth of $450 million, which is way more than most of his contemporaries. Apart from his insane wealth, he is also known for his spending habits. As reported, the English singer spends around $320k on fresh flowers each year. Now that shows how much passionate he is about flowers.


# Rihanna

When you have a net worth exceeding $ 250 million then spending $ 56k weekly on your appearance is somewhat justifiable. By now you must have guessed what is Rihanna current net worth and how much she spends on her appearance every week. After all, in show buiness, she needs to appear better than her your competitors.