Yahu “Rock” Blackwell net worth – A rising WBU boxing champion

At present, Yahu “Rock” Blackwell net worth is estimated to be $ 400k. The majority of his fortune comes from the income as a boxer, while other is in the form of personal investments in different ventures. In-between 2016 and 2017, his overall wealth is likely to increase up to $ 1.2 million.

The boxer has been in the news lately as he is about to make his TV debut. Experts believe that this will be a crucial match for Yahu as it might be a game changer for him. It will be an interesting match as Blackwell would be fighting against Oklahoma’s Christopher Renty.

The event is scheduled for August 20th, 2016, which indeed would be interesting to watch. (Event time – 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (CST))


Rock Blackwell net worth

Present Rank# 10 (WBU and IBU titles)
Weight200 lbs
Height5′ 10″
Yahu “Rock” Blackwell net worth $ 400k
Blackwell net worth 2017 (Expected)$ 1.2 Million


Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1986, Yahu “Rock” Blackwell’s childhood was bit rough. As soon after his birth, his father left the family. However, it was his mother “Sandra Blackwell”, who remained committed towards her children and raised them on limited resources.

From a young age, Yahu showed interest in boxing and thus started practicing when he was just 7 years old. Since then he has seen many ups and downs in life. However, he is committed to prove his real worth to the world.

Inspired by legendary boxers such as “Muhammad Ali”, Yahu “Rock” Blackwell is passionate about the game. However in 2009, he had once thought of giving up on his dreams and get a regular job. Back then due to poor management Blackwell had reached life-threatening levels of dehydration and even got his right hand fractured. Who would have thought that the boxer will make such a grand re-entry?  As with rigorous hard work since then, he has not only made a comeback but also leveled up his game.

In 2013, after getting a new management team, Blackwell won the WBU novice world championship. It was a clear-cut victory with a record of 15-0 within the IBL. Since then it has been a favorable time for him. As in 2014, Yahu even signed a deal with Comcast Sports Net, allowing them to broadcast all his fights to over 50 million homes nationwide. The deal gave a minor boost to his overall fortune.

Over the years, he has received positive feedback from both his fans and critics. He has now got a decent fan following, all thanks to his unique boxing style and impressive good looks.

He is also active on Instagram where he keeps his fans updated about his latest progress.

Instagram: @rockblackwell


Other interests:

Apart from boxing, Yahu has also taken an initiative in charitable causes. In his own words, he expresses “I am driven by becoming the perfect version of myself and making good on God’s investment in me. Some fighters or athletes desire to be the best ever; I desire to be the best I can be and understand what it means to maximize all the gifts that God has invested in me. More importantly, I want to heal the land and help as many people as can. Victories in the ring don’t make me a champion – service to the people does.”

So the boxer has now tied up with Africa’s ‘My Sister Cares Foundation’. The NGO works for the betterment of underprivileged people in Africa by providing basic amenities such as food, shelter and clothing. Soon “My Sister Cares Foundation” plans to build an orphanage in Muea, which will bring new hope to children who have faced adversity. Apart from that, it has also been reported that Yahu himself has plans to donate at least $65,000 for the social cause. He is likely to be present during the inauguration and thus would soon travel to Africa.

Blackwell has even decided to mix up with the children and teach them some basic lessons in boxing. Along with the NGO, he wants to guide youngsters about healthy living for a better future.