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About / Wiki:
Early Life:
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About / Wiki:

yahu rock blackwell wiki
Yahu spotted at an event
Birth nameYahu Blackwell
Height5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Weight200 lbs
Known languagesEnglish and Hebrew
TV CSN Debut20th August 2016

Blackwell has a 156-28 Amateur Record before turning professional, after losing his 2009 debut due to severe medical issues, champ reinvented himself by compiling an impressive record of 15-0 in the IBL. His Comcast TV debut will mark his return to the ABC, this would indeed be quite interesting to watch . At present, he is also ranked #10 in the world by the WBU and IBU


Early Life:


Son of Duane Blackwell and Sandra Blackwell, Yahu was born on November 22nd, 1986. The family belongs to Igbo descent, Nigerian from the Ghana Empire.  He spent his formative years in Baltimore, Maryland from where he completed his high school and college. From a young age, Blackwell showed interest in boxing ,when he was just 7 years old, he got fascinated by the sport. From there on, boxing became his passion. However,  everything was not in his favor as his father had left the family when Yahu was just 2 years old.

In one interview he stated, “Becoming a man without my father was by far the most challenging thing in the world. My mother did a fantastic job raising me and my brother, but when your father is absent, there’s a void there that Mom cannot fill. Kids need heroes and role models; it plays a huge role in who they ultimately become. Boxing provided those heroes for me, and I fell in love with becoming a champion.”

Then there were financial issues, as his single mother had two little boys to take care of. The area where the family lived was not secure. Still, defying all odds, Yahu continued chasing his passion with the little resources that he had. Even his mother, Sandra, supported her son’s decision and remained committed towards her children. Gradually he became more and more committed towards the sport, as it was his only way to escape the harsh reality of the streets. So when the other kids spent their time on fun activities, Blackwell kept polishing his skills. He had one thing in mind and that was to become a world class boxer. Life taught young Yahu his responsibilities towards his family and thus sincerity and dedication became his prime objectives.



Inspired by boxers such as “Muhammad Ali”, “Mayweather”, Blackwell dedicated his life to boxing. However in 2009, the boxer had once made up his mind to join the police force and give up on his dreams. As back then due to mismanagement, he had dropped 30 pounds of water weight, reaching life-threatening levels of dehydration. During one of his sessions, the boxer even had an accident which resulted in a broken hand. Fortunately, he gave it a last try and then with the help of his new management, he made a grand comeback. His record in the International Boxing League (IBL) is a very impressive 15-0. Since then his career has gained momentum.

Things were going well when again there came a low point in his life. As on July 5th, 2015, his beloved mother passed away due to medical malpractice. This was a major setback in his life.

As of now Blackwell has seen many ups and down in his life, however, the boxer is committed to prove his real worth to the world.


Yahu “Rock” Blackwell’s net worth:

At present, Yahu “Rock” Blackwell’s net worth is estimated to be $ 400k. In the year 2017, its expected that the overall fortune would increase up to $ 1.2 million.

The upcoming event will be a decisive match for his career. For the same, the young talented boxer is undergoing intense training, leaving no stone unturned.



Blackwell himself had a rough childhood, so boxer has given special weightage to charitable causes. At present, he has teamed up with NGOs such as My Sister Cares Foundation, which is based in Africa. In order to provide a helping hand, he has even decided to visit Africa so that he can contribute and help the needy children.

When it comes to his lifestyle, the boxer is mostly in the ring. However whenever he gets free time, he prefers to spend it with the family. He is also interested in traveling, bowling and watching movies.